Latvijas Safari Klubs | Latvian Safari Club
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The Latvian Safari Club offers the widest range of hunting opportunities – both in Latvia and around the world.


Are you ready for hunting full of exciting experiences? We are giving you a chance to try unforgettable hunting all around the world, the places which we have carefully chosen and we have personally experienced. We offer you an exclusive hunting with the best conditions and the widest choices. Owing to our lifelong cooperation with partners abroad, you will get the highest service.

Enjoy exclusive and professionally-guided hunting trips with Latvian Safari Club team all over the world.


For a dynamic rest, we offer a very wide choice of fishing for various tastes all around the world. Fishing is very ancient and widespread tradition in the world, which has developed with all modern technologies. We are going to take you to the best places of catch with the best fishes, where you will experience a real fishing with grand masters of fishing. Yield to your temptation and come forward to us!


We offer you the opportunity to mount the trophies at Latvian Safari Club Taxidermy Studio. Together we will decide on the best shape and arrangements either for your private collection or for your house interior.

Our taxidermy Studio provides high quality service according to the latest achievements in technology and fashion. We are working hand in hand with the world’s most famous taxidermy supply companies and sculptors, therefore we guarantee the trophy quality and longevity.


  • Advice for hunters and tourists
  • Documents and formalities
  • Trophy transportation