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Hunting season

  • East Caucasian Tur (Dagestan Tur): July – end of November.
  • Recommendable period is July – September.


Azerbaijan is situated on the Western Caspian coast, in the South Caucasus’s east. Calling itself the country of the nine climates – Azerbaijan – located neither in Europe, nor Asia. It borders with such countries as Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey.

Nine out of eleven climate zones are present in Azerbaijan. Temperatures vary within the country, depending upon the region’s proximity to sea, regional landscape and the effect of arctic and temperate winds. During a day time, the average temperature in July/August is +15 to +25, September 0 to +5, November -15 to +5; During a night time – July/August +5 to +15, September -5 to -10, November -5 to -15 or even more.

Kazakhstan visa must be obtained before arrival (depending on origin).


Hunting areas


Hunting areas are located to the North of Baku – in Quba district. Normally transportation from Baku takes ~3,5-5 h drive. The average altitude of the hunting area is 2200-2500m above the sea level.


At the beginning of hunting tour, arrival to main hunting camp – a house, that is equipped with kitchen, dining area, sauna, satellite TV, and other. During a hunt, while on mountains, stay exclusively in tented camps.

Hunting conditions

Azerbaijan has the prime areas for Dagestan Tur hunts.

Hunting for mountain Ibex is very challenging; the mountains are steep and rocky. Walking is quite difficult due to loose stones. It’s important to be in good physical condition. Hunting is done on foot with the option of horseback in the earlier and later period of time.

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