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Hunting season

  • Maral: Prime period for Maral hunting is during a breeding time – end of September/October.
  • Mid-Asian Ibex: August – October
  • Siberian Ibex: August – October
  • Siberian Roe Deer: August – December


The world’s 9th biggest country – Kazakhstan. Located in Central Asia, and borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The nature of Kazakhstan is very various: Northern part – forests and steeps, Southern part – semi deserts.

The climate is very continental: cold winters and hot summers, seasonal temperatures are polarised and vary depending on the region. During a day time, the average temperature in August/September is +15 to +25, October/November +5 to +10; During a night time – August/September is +5 to +10, October/November 0 to -20.

Kazakhstan visa must be obtained before arrival (depending on origin).


Hunting areas


We have several hunting areas. Maral is hunted more to the east of Almaty town – Dzungarian Alatau (~400km), Dardamty (~300km) and Kolsay (100km). The altitude of the hunting area is 1500–2000 m above the sea level.

Siberian Ibex is hunted in 2 areas: Altyn Emel and Charyn regions (~250-300km to the east of Almaty). Altitude of hunting area is ~1000 m above the sea level.

Mid-Asian Ibex is hunted in one area – Sairam Ugam National Park, which is located to the west of Almaty. This area boarders with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. To hunt in this area, hunter must fly into Shymkent; afterwards ground transportation ~100 km. Average altitude in hunting area is from 1500–2000 m.


In some hunting areas accommodation is provided in wooden cabins, in some areas – during a hunt, the hunters stay overnights in tented camps.

Hunting conditions

Hunter has to be in good physical condition and be able to move in mountains – forest areas and rocky areas. Horse-riding skills make your hunt much easier. But hunter must be ready to stalk on foot as well! In some areas, it is possible to combine Maral and Ibex hunts with Siberian Roe Deer hunt.

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