Latvijas Safari Klubs | KYRGYZSTAN
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Hunting season

  • Marco Polo Sheep: August – end of November.
  • Mid-Asian Ibex: August – end of November

It is also possible to organize hunting in February, but the weather conditions are very rough and unstable.

Prime period for combined hunt will be September – end of November.


Landlocked and mountainous, located at the heart of the Central Asia – Kyrgyzstan – a country with a huge personality and an incredible natural beauty. It borders with Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and holds the world’s 2nd largest alpine and salt lake – Issyk Kul. It also shares the Tian Shan Mountains.

The climate is continental: cold winters and hot summers with big local deflections depending on the altitude. During a day time, the average temperature in August/September is +10 to +15, November -10 to +10. During a night time – August/September -5 to +10, November -10 to -20.

Kyrgyzstan visa can be obtained on arrival (depending on origin).


Hunting areas


We have 2 prime areas; one is in Naryn region and the other – in Karakol region. Average distance from the capital of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) is 500 km (it takes 10 hour drive). Main hunting bases are located at the altitude of ~3300 m above the sea level but hunting will be organized at a higher altitude – 3500 m and more.



At the beginning of tour arrival to main hunting camp which is equipped with V.I.P. carriages – kitchen, dining area, sauna, and other. During a hunt, the hunter is staying up in the mountains in a tented camp. When the hunt is over, the hunter comes back to the main hunting camp.

Hunting conditions

Good physical condition of hunter is mandatory. The air is generally very dry and rare. Hunter will need a good hat and a sleeping bag to keep warm and dry, as you will stay at fly camp for a few days. During hunt we use horses for transportation.
Spot and stalk hunting is the preferred method of hunting, it allows us to judge the animals with spotting scopes before making the final stalk.