Latvijas Safari Klubs | Business trips
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Business trips

A well-organized business trip can transform and expand your business. From the planning process and booking all flights to organizing meetings and various events, we will cover every angle to ensure the trip is a success.

Due to geographic location and united language usage, we are in very good contact with such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Azerbaijan. We can help you to find new partners and suppliers or expand your business to these countries.

We offer:

  • business travel management and planning;
  • market survey and identifying of industry leaders;
  • visas and all travel-related permissions;
  • flights and transfers;
  • accommodation;
  • car rental or public transport tickets;
  • business meetings;
  • excursions, events and other team-building activities.

Tel/Fax+371 6 737 1124