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Hunting season

Siberian Roe deer / Tyumen: Roe Deer hunting season is from the end of August till November.


Prime time for Siberian Roe Deer hunting is rutting time, which lasts from August till the end of September. Later it’s possible to hunt in October.

Region and hunting area



Tyumen oblast is located 2500km east of Moscow, it stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the boundary with Kazakhstan and divides the Russian Federation into two parts: Ural and Siberia. The nature of Tyumen land is rich and various. There are various natural climate zones: the Arctic tundra on the Far North changes into the typical tundra and forest-tundra, then into taiga, forest-steppe and steppe in the south. The largest rivers of the region, the Ob and the Irtysh, are navigable. Most part of the territory (about 43 million hectares) is covered with forests.

In the southern part of Tyumen oblast, where hunting is organized, average temperatures during a day time in August/September is from +10 to +20°C, night time from +5°C to +10°C. October from +5°C to -10°C.


Hunting areas


Hunting area is located in Eastern part of Kazansky district. Close to Kazakhstan border, also borders with Kurgan oblast. On arrival to Tyumen town, ground transportation to hunting area, this takes around 5 hours. Area is low landed and rich with forests.


Accommodation is provided in well-equipped hunting house with all the necessary needs. Russian sauna, cook services, satellite TV and other facilities are in a camp. During a hunting period, the hunter stays in the main camp. No tented camp is necessary.

Hunting conditions

Hunting is organized twice a day – early in the morning and later in the evening. Off road vehicle is used to get into hunting areas. Hunting is done only on foot by spot and stalk method. Also it’s possible to have a high seat hunt – from tower.

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